• Finish: Nickel Finish
  • This is a full-size suit of Armor and the complete Height of this Armor is 195 cm approx
  • The size of the Wooden base is 65x60x17 cm
  • The total Weight of this Armor is 42 Kg.with a wood base
  • Overall Length: Arm sections- 15 Inches, Pauldrons 14 Inches
  • Width: Arm sections 5 Inches, Pauldrons 13 Inches
  • Weight: Arm sections3 Lbs, Pauldrons 2.5 Lbs
  • Shield: 36″ in height
  • Fitment: All measurement of the armor part is Adult Sizes
  • Packaging: packed in 2 parcel

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Wearable Medieval Knight Suit Of Armor| Full Body Armor Suit


History of Medieval Knight Suit Of Armor:

Medieval Knight suit of armor has been exceptionally expensive to create. Medieval knight suit of armor needed to be personalized to match exactly the knight exactly. Any Incorrect sizing of a knight suit of armor could be exceedingly dangerous as it might hamper the knight’s capacity to combat. The top-grade of the medieval knight suit of armor, the more significant was that the Knight. Plate Armor was initially introduced through the late 13th century and also Full Plate Armor was released throughout the 15th century weighing approximately 50 pounds. A knight’s suit of armor was powerful enough to safeguard the knight but mild enough to allow rapid movement in the battle. A Medieval Knight Armor has been an Intricate series of clothes, string email, and iron plate


Specifications of medieval knight suit of armor:

Components of a medieval knight suit of armor covering both the arms and arms The bits of a knights match of armor covering the neck and head were as follows:

  • A Visor proved to be a detachable bit of armor that protected the eyes and face
  • Head and Neck armor. From the 13th Century, the helmet has been called the Bascinet that needed a skirt of email known as an aventail to Defend the neck.


Here are some of the different pieces of plate armor and what they protected:
  • Greaves – ankles and calves
  • Sabatons – feet
  • Poleyns knees
  • Cuisses – thighs
  • Gauntlets – hands
  • Vambrace – lower arms
  • Pauldron – shoulders
  • Breastplate – chest
  • Rerebrace – upper arms
  • Helmet – head
{NOTE: Full body Armor suit is as shown in the pictures. The sword is also included. The shield is also included. The wooden base is also included. And everything is as shown in the pictures.}

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