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  • Medium: Fits a 23 to 26-inch head circumference
  • Large: Fits a 24 to 28-inch head circumference

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Visored Barbuta Helmet| SinghBrosMart

Initially, the Barbute, or visored barbuta helmet in Italian, has been a visorless warfare helm that was distinctive because of its own T or V-shaped opening that gave the wearer a very clear field of vision. The plan of the helmet is versatile, offering a couple of choices about the best way best to use it.

What is a Visored barbuta helmet?

The visored barbuta helmet looks like ancient Greek helmets and might have been affected by a renewed fascination with historical artifacts. Barbuta unexpectedly offers a visor that is usually fulfilled on sooner time bascinets. The source of this visor is not yet been researched. The visor might be produced removable if necessary. Matt polishing. Hand-crafted out of 14ga light steel Painted inside Matt-polished Padded lining comprised Hand-made steel buckles. The visored barbuta helmet has experienced many modifications since it hit the area of war in the 15th century. This visored barbuta helmet is determined by the original design with the addition of a powerful visor that doubles your own security and creates an embarrassing sight.  The visor may be put in two distinct manners since it could be rotated upwards, or a single pin on the ideal side of this helmet may be dragged, allowing the helmet to bend to both sides (the pin may also be left open, so since the helmet includes a hook closed for maintaining the helm fastened in its closed position). You might even pull off the pins on either side of the helmet to take out the visor completely. The visored barbuta helmet consists of quality steel and includes an incredible-looking polished metallic finish. The inside of the visored barbuta helmet includes a lining, both for relaxation and for making little alterations to dimensions. It’s a full-sized replicate helmet that’s totally wearable, and if worn out, it moves up quite well to the rigors and effects experienced throughout the course of LARP battle and mild reenactment.
Leather care products should be utilized to keep Be mindful that these products are all handmade. Slight deviations in design, color, and form may occur.
Water and lightly oiled to avoid corrosion. Sometimes clean the armor Properly keep your steel armor, so keep the metallic bits off from The leather fittings too.

Key Features:

  • A Traditional Italian Barbute With A New Touch
  • Displays a Polished Metal Finish
  • Features a Removable, Rotating Visor
  • Helmet Has a Liner
  • Offers a Great Level of Protection
  • Hand-hammered from mild steel
  • Curled steel edges
  • Fully wearable
  • Metal helmet crest
  • The reinforced divider between eye-slits
  • Open face covered with folding visor.
  • Visor secured in the down position with a hook and peg on the right side.
  • Perfect both for reenactment and LARP


The visored barbuta helmet is crafted from quality steel and features an incredible-looking polished metal finish, which ensures that the helmet looks quite impressive in the light. The interior of the helmet features a liner, both for comfort and for making small adjustments to size. It is a full-sized replica helmet that is fully wearable, and when worn, it stands up rather well to the rigors and impacts experienced during the course of LARP combat and light reenactment. It is available in two sizes, either medium or large.

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