Vintage Globe designer Handle Nautical Walking Cane



  • Wooden Stick
  • Length: 37″ (3 wooden sections)
  • Finish: As Shown in Picture
  • USES : Everyday Use
  • 100% Hand Crafted in India.
  • A reproduction item.

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Vintage Walking Cane| Nautical Globe With Designer Handle


If you’re having trouble walking or recently experienced an injury or surgery, one of the first mobility aids you might consider is a cane. The right cane can provide support to help improve your balance, relieve pressure on your joints, and compensate for the weaker side of your body. It can also help reduce the risk of falls and assist you in sitting or standing.


Walking Cane Usage:

It’s projected that 1 in 10 adults over age 65 years in the USA uses a cane to help out with getting about — so they’re a favorite device together with the older to be used to a long-term foundation. Should you require a device that will assist you in balance and supply support on an everyday basis, then a walking cane would be your better choice. They are made specifically for this use and match it nicely. Walking cane is specially designed with weight abilities to guarantee they can offer complete support to customers. If you’re on the other hand and need mobility support that may genuinely offer aid a walking cane would be a better choice. A lot of men and women utilize the help of mobility support only since they fear they might fall over and hurt themselves; this comprises the elderly or people who have less power in their bodies. If all these are real worries for you, a walking cane would be a better choice. They’re comfortable and made for these functions. Individuals who have problems with disabilities or accidents the older and people in danger of falling, tend to be advised by medical specialists to use mobility assistance. There is a broad selection of mobility apparatus an individual could select from. Walking canes are freedom aids created to take the strain off a debilitating joint to a long-term foundation. They supply freedom and freedom for the consumer without needing to depend on everyone to aid them also making them a fantastic increase for self-esteem and assurance. Walking canes serve a function like crutches; they also provide aid for an individual’s body weight. When utilized correctly, they lessen the strain on the thighs, rather than putting it on the wrists and arms.


Product Features:

  • Imperial designer stylish Corporate Gift for Gentlemen
  • Best Price direct from Artisan Handmade
  • A Fine quality Handmade Item.
  • Beautiful heavy handle.
  • The rosewood brown Wooden shaft Made of Indian rosewood.
  • Best Price direct from Artisan Handmade
  • A Fine quality Handmade Item.

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