Nautical Lantern Starboard Lantern Ship Oil Lamp Nautical Boat Light


  • Material: Iron Sheet Metal
  • Measures: 10.25″ Tall (12.5″ with handle)  / 6″ wide   
  • Fuel: Lamp Oil
  • Glass: Fresnel Glass Lens (Red)
  • Skillfully Hand Made
  • Great for Deck & Patio

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Ship Lanterns| Starboard Lantern| Nautical Ship Oil Lamp 

Ship lanterns are available in many unique shapes and sizes but the majority of them have a particular use or function. Navigation lamps: port, starboard, stern and masthead lamps indicate that direction a boat is going and this also helps to prevent crashes. Anchor lanterns indicate a boat is at anchor rather than moving. Signal lanterns are used for communicating via Morse code, but a few lamps are only used for lighting like bulkhead or companionway lamps. Most ship lanterns may be petroleum burning or electrical, but most ancient boats which were fitted with power still transported petroleum burning lanterns for setup or emergency use. Due to the principles of this sea, boats traveling towards each other understand that their Crimson or vent lighting must pass the oncoming boat on the port side that has the visible red light. Ships pass oncoming vessels at a port to vent way. This prevents confusion if ship’s navigator direct a sharp twist into the side. The green lighting is utilized on the starboard side and just suggests that the boats don’t pass starboard to starboard if they approach each other. Another craft will admit the sign with two reunite blasts. If not recognized for whatever motive, the craft asking the starboard to starboard pass becomes the “give way” craft and ought to move to avoid collision. Within a boat, lamps were mounted on gimbals so that they could pivot and keep flat in rolling seas. The top lamps were made from aluminum and pewter, but most were made from tin, brass, or tin-plated iron. When these lamps were painted in their exteriors they stayed unfinished close to the fire, the best way to reflect their flickering flames to what must have appeared to be an infinite expanse of darkness. This beautiful maritime “Port” lantern is made of iron sheet metal with a red fresnel lens. This lamp is fully functional with an oil burner. This is an excellent collectors piece of nautical decor.

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