Antique Decorative Brass Sand Timer with Safety Leather


  • Brass Sand timer is the best gift for your family and friends.
  • 100% Brand New and high quality.
  • Size:- Size: 10cm high X 5cm wide (Sand Timer)
  • Size:- 11cm high X 6.5cm wide (Leather Case)

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Sand Timer with Safety Leather| Antique Decorative  


The hourglass may be known as a sand timer along with a sandglass. The hourglass manufacturer must examine the instrument and fine tune it to assess the right period of time. There are lots of aspects that result in the capability of an hourglass to correctly measure time. The kind and caliber of sand is essential. It has to have a speed of flow that doesn’t change. Sand which is too rough will wear the glass away, finally making the throat too big. Most significant is that the ratio of the neck (the manhood, or tubing ) diameter into the diameter of the sand particles. Sand timer (also called sand eyeglasses and sand clocks) might have been employed by the early Greeks and Romans, however background can only record that both civilizations had the tech to generate the glass. The very initial asserts to sand eyeglasses are imputed to the Greeks in the next century B.C. History also indicates sand clocks had been utilized in the Senate of ancient Rome to period addresses, along with also the hourglasses got bigger and smaller, maybe as a indication of the grade of the political speeches. The sand timer first emerged in Europe in the next century, and might have been produced by Luitprand, a monk in the cathedral in Chartres, France. From the early fourteenth century, even the sand timer has been used normally in Italy. It seems to have been popular throughout Western Europe at this point through 1500. 2 globes (also called phials or ampules) of glass have been attached with a narrow neck to ensure sand (with comparatively homogeneous grain size) flows out of the top earth to the reduced. Sand timer were created in various sizes according to pre-tested dimensions of sand stream in various forms of globes. A housing or framework that included the globes may be fitted into the 2 globes to create a top and bottom to your hourglass and has been used to invert the hourglass and initiate the stream of sand again. Some hourglasses or collections of hourglasses were put in a pivoted bracket in order that they could be turned smoothly.

Handicrafts 1 Minute Antique Reproduction Brass Sand timer. About this product- Beautiful Real Brass Real Sand Timer. This antique handcrafted sand timer is made of pure brass. It is an impressive and indestructible design making it an excellent resource. The gift piece has been prepared by the master artisans of India. Product Usage: It is an exclusive show piece for your drawing room; sure to be admired by your guests. It is also an ideal gift for your friends and relatives. Disclaimer: The item being handmade; the fine design, pattern and color tone of the product may vary slightly from that shown in the image. However, there would not be any compromise in quality. Approximate Size: – Size: 10cm high X 5cm wide (Sand Timer) Size: 11cm high X 6.5cm wide (Leather Case) BRAND- MAH


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