Nautical Brass Proportional Divider 6” Survey Drafting Artist Tools with Wooden Box Free


Brass proportional divider size 6″ polished solid brass


Size – 6 inches

Color – Brass

Material Used – Brass

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Nautical Brass Proportional Divider|  Survey Drafting Artist Tools


What is a Proportional Divider?

Proportional Divider to Transfer Drawing Scale or Equally Divide Lines & Circles. A proportional divider is an instrument used by artists and draftsmen to maintain scale ratio when transferring design elements from a 3-dimensional object, drawing, or photo to another surface.


Usage of proportional divider:

This proportional divider for drawing includes lots of purposes, by using this divider, any space was chosen off a graph between divider points could be instantly converted into an anonymous rate or time. The Proportional Divider isn’t only for architects, but it is an invaluable instrument for that artist. It’s about transferring scale emphasize your appetite issue matter in the little end of this divider and move the spacing of their bigger end for your drawing surface. This easy drawing proportional divider for drawing instrument can instruct you the way you can draw. It is ideal for an artist that often paints or draws out of a mention that necessitates size reduction or augmentation. Proportional Dividers are among the most flexible of contemporary drafting aids with a vast selection of helpful applications. The proportional divider for drawing may be utilized in the copying of drawings onto a diminished or expanded scale, so in dividing lines and circles into equal portions, in quick and precise solving of challenging measurement issues, in calculating distances on maps with scales, and also in a number of other tasks. A proportional divider is an instrument utilized by artists and draftsmen to maintain scale ratio if transferring layout components out of a 3-dimensional object, drawing, or photograph to some other surface. Both pointed equivalent length divider legs are connected with a flexible pivot point that is chosen position is that the scaling factor to make components bigger, smaller or the exact identical dimensions when transferring. The proportional divider has scales for both dividing the duration of a line or even the circumference of a circle into equal portions, and a little mathematics may be used for constructing angles.



Now new with improving Handcrafted from the solid brass antique finish by our master artisans. The Proportional Divider is not just for architects…it’s an invaluable tool for artists! 100% satisfaction guaranteed. artisan-crafted graduation gifts and decorations. The perfect gift for any office, home, or nautical enthusiast, shiny brass Dimensions: 6 Inches With Wooden Box  Construction, The Nautical Solid Brass DIVIDER is a great addition to any desktop. Handcrafted from solid brass, Brass/ Steel 9 in. Proportional Divider This New Reproduction is a Brass Proportional Divider, reproduction crafted in the style of a century ago. Adjustable.

Size – 6 inches

Color – Brass

Material Used – Brass


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