Nautical Antique Brass Handle Walking Stick



  • Gentleman Brass Telescope Handel Indian Rose Wood Cane
  • Victorian Style Walking Stick Cane dismantles in three section
  • You will have to simply gently pull up on the handle to display a beautiful and functional portable telescope.
  • Item Measures 39” (approx.)
  • Color :  Brass & Brown


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Product Details

We can Increase or decrease the size of the wooden stick on Buyer’s Request

This is Antiqued Brass Nautical Walking Stick
Beautiful Gift for Gentlemen
Wooden shaft dismantles in to three section. Indian rose wood Handcrafted
Total length : 39 inches. Approx.
Material :- Brass and Wood.
Use :- Daily Use walking and Decor antique Gift
Brass ring between handle and wooden stick is not fix you can remove easily after removing the handle.
Handle Finish : Polish Mild Brass Design and Shiny Brass Design telescope style


Finish : As shown in Picture

USES : Everyday Use


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