Nautical Antique Brass Handle Walking Stick



  • Gentleman Brass Telescope Handel Indian Rose Wood Cane
  • Victorian Style Walking Stick Cane dismantles in three section
  • You will have to simply gently pull up on the handle to display a beautiful and functional portable telescope.
  • Item Measures 39” (approx.)
  • Color:  Brass & Brown
  • Finish: As Shown in Picture
  • Uses: Everyday Use


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 Antique Walking Stick| Nautical Brass Handle


What is a walking stick?

A walking stick or walking cane is a device used primarily to aid walking, provide postural stability or support, or assist in maintaining a good posture, but some designs also serve as a fashion accessory or are used for self-defense.


Usage of the walking stick:

Individuals who have problems with injuries or disabilities, specifically, the older and people in danger of falling, are more frequently guided by medical specialists to use a mobility aid. There is a broad selection of mobility apparatus an individual could pick from, but just two hot, non-intrusive, and also easy type are walking rods. They supply freedom and freedom for the consumer without needing to rely on everyone to aid them also making them a superb increase for self-esteem and assurance. Walking sticks are possibly better categorized as attachments instead of mobility aids, even though they do have some amount of endurance. Walking sticks are most frequently used temporarily, during specific activities like hiking. They aren’t meant to keep an individual’s entire body fat, and generally, the grips are formed in a means which makes it embarrassing to rely on these entirely. A walking stick meets the intent behind a walking attachment or intermittent support. But in the event that you merely require a device to use if walking on paths, trekking, or even for primarily aesthetic functions, then a walking stick may be a better choice. If you’d like a system that looks great, can offer some amount of comfort and support and may provide some reassurance through certain strenuous tasks — a walking pole ought to have the ability to find the business finished.

Key features:
  • This is Antiqued Brass Nautical Walking Stick
  • Beautiful Gift for Gentlemen
  • The wooden shaft dismantles into three sections. Indian rosewood Handcrafted
  • Total length: 39 inches. Approx.
  • Material:- Brass and Wood.
  • Daily Use walking and Decor antique Gift
  • The brass ring between the handle and the wooden stick is not fixed you can remove it easily after removing the handle.
  • Handle Finish: Polish Mild Brass Design and Shiny Brass Design telescope style



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