Medieval Reproduction Templar Armor Shield Made Solid Steel & Brass Full Size


Beautiful Hand Made Replica

Color:- Steel polish And Black

Condition:- 100% New
Usage :- Maritime Decor / Usable / Gif

Made of 18 Gauge Iron Steel

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Medieval Templar Armor Shield| Reproduction Solid Steel| SinghBrosMart


What is a Templar Armor Shield?

The shields of the crusaders were generally triangular in shape. The kite-shaped shield was in use for much of the Crusades, though some people preferred a flat top. The guige strap was a long strap used to carry the shield on one’s back.

About Templar Armor Shield:

The defenses of these crusaders were usually triangular in form. The kite-shaped protector has been in use for a lot of the Crusades, although a few people chose a horizontal top. The guige strap was a lengthy strap used to take the shield on the back. It had been riveted on the top right-hand corner and reduced to the left using a buckle which will help for adjusting the duration. Even the enarmes were also used to hold the guard in the left hand while still being used. The left forearm has been push through 2 straps, along with the hands gripped the next smaller strap to get more hands. The Knights Templar based c. 1119 CE and awarded papal admiration in 1129 CE, had been a Catholic medieval army order whose members united martial arts using a monastic life for the function of protecting Christian sacred websites and pilgrims from the Middle East and everywhere. Even the knights, with his headquarters in Jerusalem and Acre, were a significant and elite part of Crusader armies, and they arrived to restrain both lands and castles at the Levant and around Europe.



Available here, fresh from the forge, is a new hand-forged Medieval  Shield made of heavy 18 gauge steel! This shield is powerfully built, with design. It measures about 24 inches in height, 16 inches in width. The darkened steel backside of the shield comes with a metal handle near the top, an adjustable size leather strap to secure the forearm, 


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