Medieval Articulated Gauntlet with Brass Accents


  • Made from 18 Gauge Steel
  • Large Size with overall length of 18 inches
  • 03 No of Leather Belts to support the arm and wrist for better grip
  • Solid Brass used no Knuckles FInish: Buff Finish

Made to provide utmost flexibility when worn over, provide full protection from finger tips till forearm. A must accessory for viking / combat fighter. Completely Hand made from 18 Gauge steel and brass using die and riveting tools. Swed Leather sewn for comfort wear, great look and feel with die based design. Approx length of the gloves is 18 inches however dimensions can slightly vary due to hand made production. Comes in standard buff polish. 3 Leather belts to offer better grip on this long gauntlet.


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Medieval Articulated Gauntlet| Brass Accents


About Gauntlet :

Since the look of an armor, the hand defense always has been an issue from the hand-to-hand battle. Bad protection of the component appreciably increases the risk of harm Through the years, this fashion of glove evolved to new and improved types. The kind of gauntlet that shielded the wrist and the back of the hands is referred to as a Demi-gauntlet; they had been worn gloves that were created from cushioned leather or paper and so were somewhat lighter than a complete gauntlet, even though the palms weren’t well shielded. It’s thought that the Asian folks motivated the gauntlet fashion. From the 16th century gauntlet became a significant trendy accessory in Europe. The term gauntlet means very little glove French, also in Germans it pertains out of wrap or to end. The gloves which are traditionally worn with the pope from the Roman Catholic Church can also be called gauntlet or Episcopal gloves, along with also their usage is still allowed. They were first utilized in France and therefore are regarded as symbols of innocence. Nowadays, these kinds of gauntlet are for the most part utilized in contact sports in addition to one of metalworkers and astronauts. From the clothing sectors, gauntlet became vogue accessories largely worn by rock stars, and particularly popular with lovers of Heavy Metal music.

Evolution of gauntlet :

The very initial knights wore no more arm gauntlet, their palms were just shielded with blade and shield protector. Until the 9th-century masters of arms attained minor victories in generating of hand defense, but at the conclusion of the Ancient Middle Ages they began to pay additional attention to the issue. Despite unreliable defense, leather gloves supplied high-level liberty, so that they had been employed prior to the mid-16th century. Chainmail gauntlet have been the hallmark of their knights throughout the 12-13 centuries. They were basically a continuation of this hauberk blouse and coated the outer region of the hand, leaving the hands exposed. The leather foundation has stayed in the shape of a lining, shielding the palms and enabling to securely grip the weapon. Becoming adequate protection against cutting harms and supplying fantastic dexterity those gauntlet were leaving their owners very vulnerable to strong blows and push. Plate Armor gauntlet Advancements from the iron-making and blacksmithing throughout the Middle Ages epoch generated steel more economical and enabled more intricate components to be integrated to the gauntlet. With the debut of plate , seemed an alternate to the loose chainmail gauntlet – glasses, strengthened with metal plates, that were sewn at the shirt or tied into the glove with leather straps. These metallic scales functioned as the foundation for the growth of the chief components of all-metal anatomically shaped glasses: metacarpal, finger and barbell plates. The latter became interlocking with the support of hinge brackets. Fully articulated gauntlets are particularly popular for its knight championships and jousting. Mitten-style fingerless gauntlets (“mitons”) given the ideal protection against devastating strikes, since they made a good shell round the hand that was be somewhat hard to ruin. Mitten gloves using a trap locking mechanism permitted to resolve a fist shut, securely holding the weapon at impact. That is the reason why this style endured for the complete period of this armor age. Through the heyday of Gothic style, as never before in the background, all of the attention was concentrated on the visual appeal of the eyeglasses, taking them not just as an essential portion of the armor but also to suit its proprietor. Throughout the century, the work has been completed to enhance performance of their gauntlet, so that they attempted to reestablish a heat-retaining impact by perforation. Little holes throughout the top made it feasible to reduce perspiration through wear. Phalanges plates have been substituted with chainmail or little metal rings sewn in the leather foundation. Popularity of this defense, but did not make it even more successful, because it could not prevent any significant harm from the heavy firearms.


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