Medieval 300 SPARTAN Shield 24″ GREEK King Leonidas Armor Shield


  • GREEK SPARTAN King Leona’s Gear of War Armor Shield 18 Gage M Steel
  • The Condition of These items are New
  • It is Made of Good Quality Solid Steel
  • Shield Size: 24 Inch
  • Top Quality Replica Props
  • Color Antique Brass

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Medieval 300 Spartan Shield| Greek King Leonidas Armor Shield


What is a Spartan shield?

The Aspis (also known as a Hoplon) is a large round shield used in Ancient Greece. It was the Weapon of the Spartans.

About Spartan Shield:

In Greek war, the aspis has been the most crucial article of gear of this hoplite (heavy infantry). Its large dimensions covered a huge part of the holder’s entire body and its own burden (24 pounds ) In the series ) let it deliver crushing blows. Critical to maintaining the potency of the Greek phalanx, the abandoned third of the defense would protect the ideal flank of this guy into the holder’s left, and therefore why losing it turned into a disgrace. Following the conflict, the aspis was frequently utilized as a stretcher to take the wounded and dead in the battle. In case of an escape, the defense would ordinarily be the very first thing lost. Which Spartan girls told their husbands once they left for conflict. In Sparta, a routing soldier probably was executed for cowardliness. The main intention of the shield has been defensive; nonetheless, Spartans also employed it to bash their competitors. The shield might also be utilized as a killing weapon, its own weight and thin border making it a great dull weapon. The hoplite shield, or aspis (despite the fact that it’s often called a hoplon)that was thick, weighing approximately 30 lbs. They have been constructed from timber having an outer coating of bronze. Owing to the defensive character, Spartans using it as a weapon can gain the benefit of surprise. Being relegated to death by a significant shield Might Have been unpleasant afterward being hacked apart from a Kopis The protector was generally decorated with a symbol; the lambda (a Greek letter equal to L) being very renowned, was to get Spartan hoplites. Theban Hoplites needed a club because of their national celebrity. The Athenians generally had their very own distinct painting for everybody. Athenians ceased this practice following the Battle of Delium 424BC; Athenian Hoplites became perplexed by the absence of unity among the protect icons, causing confusion and favorable fire (possibly the very first documented incidence of fire in war ). The shield has been made from many layers of wood coated in a coating of bronze using a coating of leather in between, to absorb shock. The guard had a ring in the center of the shield along with a grip at the ideal border. A fabric would at times be set on the guard to absorb arrows that tried to attack beneath the shield.
This steel Medieval Crusader Battle Shield is made in 18 gauge steel and measures 24 inches high. The reverse of the shield is hand-painted with great attention to detail, and as well as being a practical item, they are a great decoration piece. Key Features: Re-enactment – Battle Ready Hand Painted Classic Heater Shield Design Also A Great Decorative Item
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