Greek Helmet Fully Wearable Re-enactment LARP Collectible


  • Inner Circumference : 69 cm
  • Made of 18 gauge mild steel
  • Adult head size wearable helmet
  • Perfect for museum and display
  • Can be use for Re-enactment
  • Chrome Color
  • Mild Steal
  • Wearable

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Greek Helmet Fully Wearable Re-enactment LARP Collectible| Greek Helmet


History of Antique Greek Helmet

These Corinthian helmets have been introduced inside the context of a poll of Libya and the habits of (Hellenized) Libyan tribes. Most Greek helmet types are named after places or regions, such as the Illyrian helmet, even the Chalcidian , or the Attic selection . These attributes might have been motivated by the design of a contemporaneous kind of helmet, and this is usually known now as Chalcidian. There are good reasons for believing that this is the helmet that the ancient Greeks called Corinthian. The simple fact that they relate to Athena and notably chariots suppose the helmets might have been linked with the gods or, even at the opinion of Classical Greeks, Archaic kinds of fighting. That could use to that which we refer to Corinthian helmets, because they were not too hot anymore when Herodotus wrote his accounts, from the last decades of the fifth century BC, since they were earlier. However, that which we refer to as the helmet was, since Snodgrass pointed out, most prevalent across the Greek world involving ca. 720 and 450 BC, and continued use, though occasionally, before the fourth century BC, at least art. It appears unusual for Herodotus to sense the necessity to specifically recognize the helmets used in a ritual of a warrior when these helmets would be the frequent variety which everybody back then was probably familiar with. There are good reasons for believing this is the helmet the early Greeks referred to as gallop.

 Product Specifications

Unlike other kinds of Greek helmets, so the Corinthian helmet is created from one sheet of bronze, so which makes it a remarkable technological achievement. Additionally, it encases the whole mind, leaving just slits for the eyes and mouth and so providing excellent protection to the wearer. Just like metal helmets, the wearer could have worn a cap to cushion this, or so the helmet might have had an interior liner to make it comfy to wear and, further, to protect the mind from impacts against the thin alloy. A number usually integrated geometric engravings such as ovals or dots, like floral or animals’ components on the anus. Additionally, plumes created from horsehair, which were dyed into unique colors, also adorned with the Greek helmet. These attributes contributed to raising the feeling of ferocity and aggressiveness that that the helmet could move to its rival to terrify them. Extremely prevalent in the nineteenth century BC, the Greek helmet supplied maximum security with its own nasal and its wide cheek plates. It needed approximate weight of 2 and a half kilos, though this might appear too much, it is not remembering other helmets from background like the Roman gladiator helmet surpassed seven kilos. But this attribute combined with the warmth of this spring and summertime, and were when wars happened, along with also the couple holes in the helmet, also provides some indication regarding the suffering that the Greek Hoplites should have undergone during conflict. The curved profile of the rear portion of the Louvre instance along with also the side openings indicate a point in the progression of the kind of helmet. The weathered decoration is extravagant: palmettes, feminine sphinxes, and dinosaurs refer to proto-Corinthian ceramics and are motivated from the Greco-oriental repertoire utilized throughout the orientalist period. If you want to buy other relative products visit our shop page SinghBros Mart Shop


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