Medieval Functional Knights Greaves Armor Leg Forged Steel



  • Overall Length: 16.35 Inches
  • Width: 7.15 Inches
  • Materials: Hand Forged High Carbon Steel, Authentic Cowhide Leather
  • Size: Fits Adult Sizes
  • Era: Medieval Europe, Iron Age Steel
  • Fitment: Adjustable Leather Straps, Riveted
  • Features: Full Lower Leg Coverage
  • Each piece is hand made & may have it’s own marks unique to the piece with slight variations.

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Greaves Armor Forged Steel| Medieval Functional Knights


About Greaves Armor :

No-one can say precisely when people began attempting to safeguard their calves and shinbones, however people understand that early Greeks and Romans were utilizing solid-metal greaves armor to shield the tibia according to the modern historians and many archaeological finds. Brass and bronze discs have been forged to pay the front portion of the leg, extending from the foot into the knee, and with the support of leather straps. A million years back this layout was well-established. Middle Ages greaves development Another step from the greaves development was that the Romans experience with all the Gaul’s, along with also their very first acquaintance with all the chain email. Originally, it had been used just for the torso defense, but composed and functioned as limbs shield throughout the Middle Ages, long before European blacksmiths began to invent plate greaves. The collapse of Rome contributed to such a decrease from the blacksmith’s craft which through the Dark Ages the stiff defense stayed abandoned. The sole and primary knight armor was chain email, less frequently scales or lamellar. Chain email sleeves were connected to the belt and then tied up in the knee to redistribute the pounds, yet, their excruciating overloading result was evident. Leather greaves, since the simplest to produce, seemingly were made from the Arabs. As time passes, they have been elegant using top steel splints, riveted beneath or on the leather foundation, so developing a transitional splinted armor, usually preferred by foot soldiers. Reinforced with steel bars they provided excellent flexibility and fit. To boost their security attributes, we utilize veg tanned leather to get splinted armor available within our medieval greaves shop. During the next few centuries armorers mastered the forging power, giving the greaves with real tubular contours, that are still excellent for any knight who would like to be sure the protection of his or her thighs. Medieval greaves generally consisted of 3 curved metallic plates which were secured or buckled in the back or in the side. They have been extensively used by cavalry to safeguard heels and legs while driving a horse. Set of two steel greaves armor! Medieval armor can be used to cover the body from head to toe, and even with the minimum amount of armor, a knight would always wear his Greaves (leg armor). For example, on horseback, the lower leg is the easiest point for a combatant to attack, so covering that part of the body would be paramount. These Greaves are made by hand in the same way originally made in Middle Ages Europe, suitable for functional use and reenactments. They feature adjustable leather straps with steel buckle in the rear for tight or loose fitment.


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