Gambeson Medieval Armor Padding – Large White & Red


  • Full body padding Gambeson
  • Recommended for reenactors and combat use
  • The gambeson is built of fine quality cotton fabric
  • Handmade item
  • Color; White And Red
  • Gambeson Medieval Armor Padding – Large white & Red
  • Small – Chest-38″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
  • Medium – Chest-41″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
  • Large – Chest-44″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
  • X-Large – Chest-47″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
  • XX-Large – Chest-50″ Length From Shoulder-41.3″ Sleeve-25″
  • XXX-Large – Chest-54″ Length From Shoulder-41.3″ Sleeve-26″

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Medieval Padded Gambeson also aketon| Thick Padded Full Sleeves| Aketon Coat Armor


The Gambeson also aketon has been worn as a high layer garment to its lightly armored soldiers during history and looks in several distinct forms and in a number of distinct cultures. After in Europe email was that the pinnacle of armor (believe the exact time of the crusades) gambesons generally touched down all of the ways into your knees or halfway up the groove. This since the hauberk was low. With improvements in the plate the legs and arms were to be wrapped in plate, then both hauberk and Gambeson also aketon equally began to acquire smaller spanwise as a plate covered the top tights. The sleeves nevertheless stayed. The Gambeson also aketon also coated the neck but occasionally another bit of lace was used because of this. Variants supposed to be worn independently were called cushioned Trainers and were generally thicker and made from more layers of cloth, complemented with garbage cloth or animal hair loss. All these were rather vulnerable to draw cuts and so were extremely hot. Back in Europe, Gambeson also aketon were originally utilized as a base layer where a paper shirt has been worn but proceeded to be used individually by men-at-arms as an exact cost-effective kind of security, in both instances having the ability to absorb dull blows and prevent projectile weapons. Gambeson also aketon, also occasionally called padded or quilted armor are a form of protection generally made from two layers of lace, silk, or leather, and with assorted kinds of batting sandwiched between them both. One thing to be aware of is all that lighter armors were sometimes sewn or attached right to the Gambeson also aketon, on the other hand, arming doublets have been supposed to be worn below a plate tap, covering of their neck and neck but offering many attach points on that to lace different sections of stiff armor, all of the while preventing chafing between the skin and the metallic plates. Since it evolved to the 15th century, both such doublets began to include patches of maille of varying dimensions known as goussets or voiders, which were supposed to guard the joints and vulnerable regions of a knight’s body.


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