Chainmail Haubergeon:Flat Riveted & Flat Washer Chain Mail Shirt


  • Made from: 18 gauge Iron Steel.
  • Ring Diameter: 9 MM Flat Riveted Rings 9 MM Washers
  • Finish: Original Oiled Finish
  • Chest Size: 54 Inches
  • Sleeve Size: 10 inches

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 Flat Riveted & Flat Washer| Armor Chain Mail Shirt| Haubergeon


Armor Chain mail shirt is created by flat or round rings Other creative thoughts. A linked together. And every single ring of the top is closely linked together with additional four rings and also wouldn’t drop off. The chainmail top, we made, has plenty of new layouts: Patches, half sleeve, complete sleeve, short top, and long top-notch. According to your taste and sensible usage, you may pick the most beneficial one. At exactly precisely the exact identical period, the chainmail top which we made, includes delicate workmanship along with the smoothed surface. If you take off it, you are not going to have problems, just must bend at your waist and let gravity assist you.


Products’ Specification:

  • Armor Chain mail shirt can also be Utilized as presents for others, Armor Chainmail shirt is really a Chainmail top that typically reaches below mid-thigh and contains full-length sleeves. The Haubergeon is really a chainmail top reaching to the thighs and also contains half or tight sleeves.
  • Armor Chain mail shirt may stop the torso arms and upper thighs from the harm of blades, spears, knives, impact weapons, and projectiles, although nevertheless can offer equal and full protection to the human physique.
  • Haubergeon was basically a bigger version of this Hauberk, a chain mail blouse or shirt which had been shorter in duration. 14th and 15th-century historic documents clarify the Haubergeon as being produced from email, nevertheless, contradictory sources imply that the Haubergeon has been quilted beneath garment worn beneath email, latest historical evidence implies that the email description is much more precise.


Key Features:
  • Length from shoulder: 32 inches
  • Can it be used for reenactment? : Yes
  • This Chain mail armor is completely handmade, Antique Styling.
  • The measurements are taken when the item is stretched in the measured direction.
  • Ideal for cosplay, roleplay, Larp, etc.
  • Must have for the medieval era collectors.

Very important! – (Please Note: This will fit a person of about 44 to 46″ chest)


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