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  • Weight 4lbs
  • Crafted from 18-gauge EN45 steel
  • Fully adjustable visor
  • Ventilation holes
  • Replicates originals in size and weight
  • Maximum protection

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European Close Helmet| Antique Armor Helmet


what is a European close helmet?

The close helmet or close helm is a type of military helmet that was worn by knights and other men-at-arms in the Late Medieval and Renaissance eras. It is a fully enclosed helmet with a pivoting visor and integral bevor.


About European close helmet:

Jousting, Helm that’s frequently considered when picturing a normal knight of the middle ages, which European Closed Helmet doesn’t fail to provide on iconic and traditional detail, because its design evokes pictures of knights in shining armor. This helmet has been modeled after the average European closed helmet, possessing a round crown using a ridge-like crest round the helmet’s shirt, which functions as both extra decoration and extra support and protection. The European close helmet also includes decorative cut-outs across the visor-like mouthpiece, which helps ventilate the helmet just as much to permit the wearer to breathe easier when the helmet is worn out. This apparel is made of gentle 18 gauge steel, making it the ideal option to wear if you’re looking for that genuine-looking medieval warrior fashion. Even the 18 gauge thickness makes it an especially good choice for a costume helm, in addition to a leading LARP helm along with a fantastic piece for mild reenactment, also. All in all this European Closed Helmet supplies a fantastic amount of security, although the most iconic and traditional kind makes it a notable piece for any collector and enthusiast to have an exhibit, also. European close helmet using two-piece skull joined with brazing across the crest of a large, boldly clad lateral comb, then fitted in the nape using a plume-holder and in every side, by way of common pivots, using a forward-sloping visor, a prow-shaped upper bevor plus a bevor.
Points were performed by way of a hit or fracture of the lance on the other knight, or simply by unhorsing him completely. Widespread popularity before the 14th century. It maintained its standing as a popular European game before the late 16th century. The first recorded championship has been staged in 1066 but jousting didn’t gain in The closed helmet Would Be Your typical This Helm was acid etched and has been still a wonderful function display bit. The visor is reprinted as well as the cut-outs across the visor mouthpiece not just function as decoration but also help with venting. The visor is pierced over a measure using a succession of four little vision-slits, every flanged outwards in its top edge, the top bevor pierced at every side with venting holes of different shapes and structures, along with the lower borders of the skull along with bevor each shaped using a boldly roped, internally hollowed border made to lock rotate and over on the flipped upper border of a forget. The European close helmet has been piled on its own comb and in rings to both sides of it using running foliage and flower-heads onto a stippled and blackened floor, and also in all subsidiary borders with thin bands of cabling. This shut helmet is normal of those European knights that jousted during the Middle ages. Whether you are looking for head protection to represent the medieval era for costume or reenactment, this European Close Helmet is a perfect choice. Although it only offers minimal visibility, it does provide maximum protection, and at this affordable price, it is nearly impossible to resist. This is a European close helmet that would have been worn by heavy troops and cavalry in battle because the metal plating protected the head, as well as the neck.

Key Features:
  • A Traditional Medieval Knights Helmet
  • Front of Helm Features a Narrow Vertical Eye Slit
  • Possesses a Short Wedge Crest Along with the Helms Crown
  • A Great Armor Accent to Any Medieval Knight or Soldier Costume
  • Stunning as a Display Item, Collectors Piece, or Gift

Our replica has been carefully hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel. It features a fully adjustable visor and ample ventilation holes. It has been made to replicate originals in weight and size. Of course, it looks equally handsome on display. Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase this item.



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