Copper Mug Inside Nickel Hammered Design Beer Moscow Mug Cup



Material: Copper
Capacity: 400 ml
Height: 4 Inches
Diameter: 3 Inches

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Copper Mug| Inside Nickel Hammered| Beer Moscow Mug Cup


What is the point of the copper mug?

Copper is a superior thermal conductor, so copper mugs respond to the temperature of what is inside, keeping it chilled or warm depending on the beverage. When containing a Moscow mule, copper mugs become cool, creating a chilling sensation when sipped.


Health Benefits of copper mug:

Copper is one of the body’s essential micronutrients, as well as a naturally occurring metal. The human body needs copper to survive. The recommended dietary allowance of copper for men and women older than 18 is 900 mcg, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements.

some health benefits of copper are the subject of scientific study. Copper’s antimicrobial effects, particularly, appear supported in scientific research. Keevil pointed to research connecting aluminum ingestion to fecal germs which reside in the intestines. Suitable amounts of copper, consequently, may make a positive difference on your wellness. It’s possible that in the event you live in states where you do not get much copper in the diet, subsequently getting copper in the drinking water may be a fantastic thing. In more developed nations, traces of gas may nevertheless eliminate drinking water, but just how much depends upon”the kinds and amounts of minerals from the water, how long water remains in the intestine, the water temperature, and acidity. Copper is truly in some specific proteins in our body… also it will kill germs. Copper’s ability to kill germs appears by far the most plausible. Surely, when viruses and bacteria soil on copper, they are killed very quickly. Copper drinking vessels have historic roots that extend back thousands of years. This practice in India has existed for thousands of years. Water is stored in brass or copper vessels immediately and drunk the morning after. This practice stems from the early system of medicine named Ayurveda, which translates to”knowledge of life” and promotes natural treatments.

Key Features:
  • Made from good quality and sturdy material, durable and wear-resistant.
  • Well polished, features fine craftsmanship, simple yet elegant design.
  • Perfect for cocktail, mixed drinks, beer, iced tea, lemonade, and any beverage.
  • Nice mug in kitchen, club, party, restaurant, hotel.
  • Ideal gift to family or friends.Color: Copper



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