Copper Mug Copper Hammered Design Beer Moscow Mug Cup


Material: Copper
Capacity: 400ml
Height: 4 Inches
Diameter: 3 Inches

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Copper Mug| Hammered Design |Beer Moscow Mug 


Copper is a superior thermal conductor, therefore copper mugs respond to the temperature of what’s indoors, keeping it warm or chilled depending on the drink. When containing a Moscow mule, aluminum railings turn into cool, making a chilling feeling when sipped Copper is among the human body’s crucial micronutrients, in addition to a naturally occurring metal. The human body requires copper to endure. The recommended dietary allowance of copper for people older than 18 is currently 900 mcg, as stated by the Office of Dietary Supplements.


The Health Benefits of the Copper mug is the topic of scientific research:

Copper’s antimicrobial effects, particularly, appear encouraged in scientific study. Suitable amounts of copper, so, can make a positive difference in your wellness. Copper is really in some specific proteins within our body. Also, it will kill germs,” Gordon said, including that of the health claims within this particular article, copper’s ability to kill germs seems undoubtedly the most logical. “Surely when viruses and germs soil on a Copper mug, they are killed speedily.

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  • Made from good quality and sturdy material, durable and wear-resistant.
    Well polished, features fine craftsmanship, simple yet elegant design.
    Perfect for cocktails, mixed drinks, beer, iced tea, lemonade, and any beverage.
    Nice mug in kitchen, club, party, restaurant, hotel.
    Ideal gift to family or friends.Color: Copper

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