Nautical Sea Marine Diver Helmet Antique Diving Sailor Brass Helmet Collectible


Primary Material: Brass
Maker: SinghBros
Original/Reproduction: Vintage Reproduction
Military Branch: US Navy
  • Volume Weight:                      15.5 KG
  • Weight: 8.5 Kg.
  • Premium quality well-made deep sea divers helmet replica.
  • Metal : Solid Brass and iron copper
  • Finish: Polish Finish as shown in Picture
  • Approx Size: 16″ x 12.5″ x 17″ / 40 x 32 x 42cm.

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Antique Diving Helmet| Marine Diver Helmet| Sailor Brass Helmet Collectible


About Antique Diving Helmet: 

The tens of thousands of thousands. Yet that is the diving helmet everyone understands and that is the helmet’s function They did all These matters — and much more — while dunked to those remarkable steampunk helmets weighing approximately 65 lbs, crafted out of spun aluminum with metal fittings along with a faceplate and a valve which attracted in compressed air circulates so loudly that a diver could hardly hear himself think, let alone delve right to a stationary speaker at the helmet which, if everything worked right directly, let them be noticed by the man topside feeding him atmosphere. Diving helmets have existed in some form or another as the 1820s. Although manufactured globally, among those prettiest diving helmets on the planet is that the US Navy Mark V. Besides the Navy, a lot of commercial sailors employed — and use — that the Mark V.
“They left them They’re worn mostly by specialist divers who participated in surface-supplied diving, although some versions may be utilized with scuba gear. Prior to the creation of the demand, most diving helmets utilized a free-flow layout.
In life will be to shield.helmet’s keep us secure. In concept. However, the reason why we adore helmets isn’t that we are security conscious. Only the opposite. We adore diving helmets since chances are if you wear one you’re on a crash course with risk. Obviously, no helmet will be much cooler looking in relation to the diving helmet. There may not be any argument. You might disagree, but you’d be incorrect.
Helmet everyone needs. They are most likely the coolest helmet ever produced.”

Product Features : 

  • Premium quality well-made deep sea diver helmet replica.
  • Our Large full-size Well crafted Divers helmets are commanding feature pieces that evoking senses and illuminating entire spaces. this diving helmet is a well-made replica of vintage Boston navy divers helmets. made of copper and brass in polish
  • Finish. Great craftsmanship and is in excellent condition. It is perfectly sound, and sports incredible.
    These extendable deep-sea divers helmets will light any gallery or workshop with a modernistic ambiance.
  • Beautiful brass shiny finish Divers helmet is crafted by skilled craftsmen. Its design is inherited by
  • ancient original divers helmet used by American Navy and other divers, we have developed a similar design replica to use as an attractive
  • home and office decorative. The nautical brass Divers helmet is handcrafted and can be used as a royal marine Gift item.
  • We Prepare these with Fully Craftsmanship.
  • We use manually Dying and Antique process to burn and other Techniques.
  • These are Reproduction Antique finish Copper & Brass metal used.

Model: Boston Mark V -Usage: Home Decorative, Desktop Decorative.Table Decorative Collectible Items
-Packing: Packing In One Parcel. Corrugated Export Packing

NOTE: Used Manually Dyeing Antique Process Color May Be Differ A Little Bit Due To Manually.

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