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  • 1.5 mm stainless steel
  • 1.5 mm brass for lacing
  • 1 mm brass decorations
  • Leather
  • Brass hinges
  • Brass buckles
  • Lacing

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Cassius Roman Armor| Roman Segmentata Jacket




As time passes the sort of Roman segmentata jacket will alter. The moment that the armors were worn will float. It’s likely there has been a fourth kind, covering the entire body with segmented armor combined to scale shoulder defenses. Nonetheless, this is only known from a single badly-damaged statue arising in Alba Iulia at Romania. The currently approved range for the usage of this armor is from roughly 14 B.C. into the late 3rd century A.D.[3] Roman segmentata jackets’ usage from the Roman military was widespread, however the email armor lorica hamata might have been common constantly. Regardless of the armor being generally related to all the Romans the armor has been utilized by other cultures prior to the Romans. Some places of armor like the Roman segmentata jacket dating back to the 4th century BC are found in archaeological sites found in the steppe. Even the Dendra Curiass is really a pair of armor like the lorica segmentata that’s been dated back to the 15th century BC. The armor has been initially utilized from the early 1st century.  Though, the specific time where the Romans embraced the armor remains unidentified. Some say that it was afterwards Crassus’ defeat at Carrhae at 53 BC. Others state the armor was embraced in 21 AD following the Revolt of Julius Sacrovir along with Julius Florus. One variant of this armor was utilized as early as 9 BC. [1] Since the soldiers in the Battle of Teutoberg Forest wore the Roman segmentata jacket , we could conclude that the armor should have already been used earlier 21 AD. round the center of the next century that the Roman segmentata jacket dropped from favor with all the Roman military . Though, it did stay in use throughout the late Roman Empire. Persons wearing the Roman segmentata jacket were portrayed on the Arch of Constantine and also a monument built in 315. But, it’s been claimed that these depictions are out of a previous monument by Marcus Aurelius, where Constantine incorporated components right to his Arch. The hottest known use of this armor was from the 4th century.
Historical greaves could have been simple to bend into the contour of the legs and wouldn’t have contained straps, and that we do not believe would do the job really nicely with stainless steel! As a result of this, we’ve additional straps to make certain they remain where they are supposed to. They move from the ankle all of the around just over your knee, protecting you at the most crucial areas as a single solid piece. A brass disk that matches the remaining part of the set is put in the center of the knee to tie the entire piece together. We’ve used nothing but the very best stuff for this group. Stainless steel was used throughout so which it is possible to spend less time cleaning your own armor and much more time battling or feasting! Only give it a wash with a dry cloth after battling and it ought to resist rust far better compared to light steel will. The leather is thick and powerful, and most of buckles and fittings have been high quality in the look and structure. This collection is also SinghBros Mart exclusive – even though we have borrowed our designs from history, they are still refined by our team of talented designers and blacksmiths, so aspects such as etching, fine details as well as the fit and pattern have been carefully crafted by our team of professionals. Please note: helmet and other items shown in the pictures aren’t included in the full set, but are available in our store.


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