Antique Buckler Archer Shield SinghBros


  • Diameter: 13″
  • 2″ Deep
  • Thickness: 0.06″
  • Weighs: 2.6 lbs.
  • Made of 18 gauge Steel


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Antique Buckler Archer Shield| Armor Shield


What is the point of a buckler?

Hand protection: The primary use of the buckler was to protect the sword hand. “Floating armor”: Another significant use of the buckler was to hold it facing the opponent with the arm outstretched, when not actively using it for something else.


About Buckler Archer Shield :

The buckler was made to be a company weapon a warrior could use in melee battle. Therefore this Archer’s Buckler Shield is the best guard for an archer, who’d only use their guard once they entered into close quarters battle, rather than other warriors, that would require a massive guard to fend projectiles such as arrows. Nimble and mild, a buckler has been faked for protection against accelerated things such as arrows, however, in close quarters, so it hastens at deflecting and also blocking an enemies weapon using deft, powerful hand-work. This buckler is made of a solid piece of steel and is founded on a layout from this 14th century. Like its early cousins, it’s mild, effective, and simple to wield, meaning that the wielder must work with significant energy to bring the defense to endure. If you’re looking for a fast protector that’s simple to transport and simple to use, then you’re looking for these specific Archers Buckler Shield, since it’s a handy small defense that, when utilized correctly, makes it simple to escape serious damage in battle. While a bow is an archer’s weapon of choice, even in close quarters battle, an archer requires a means to divert an attack, like such an Archers Shield Buckler. To begin with, the very front of the operational buckler includes a built-in boss. Then, the rear of this buckler includes a blackened finish along with a handle to the medieval protect. 2 pieces of timber from the grasp of the deal, making it comfortable to grip. The Archers Shield Buckler creates a useful addition for your LARP conflict or cosplay occasion. This little shield was used by archers and other lightly armored troops. Though it would do little to protect them against heavily armored foes, troops primarily carried them for skirmishing. If at all possible they’d avoid direct hand-to-hand combat. Our replica is a superb model of the shields used on the battlefield during Roman and Medieval times.

Key Features:
  • A Fully Functional Medieval Steel Shield
  • Features a Defensive Boss with Reinforced Rivets
  • Light, Nimble, and Easy to Wield
  • Modeled After the Medieval Buckler
  • Has a single wooden handle on the back
  • Great for Costume Use, For Mock-Battles, or LARP Events


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