Brass Telescope Nautical Designer Pullout Telescope With Free Box


Brass Telescope Nautical Designer Pull out Telescope With Free Box

  • Size : 6″
  • Diameter 1.5″ approx
  • Color – Brass & Red
  • Material Used – Brass & Leather
  • Wooden Box Free With This Telescope

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Brass Telescope| Nautical Designer Pull out Telescope


What is a Pull out Telescope?

A Pull-out Telescope is an optical instrument designed to make distant objects appear nearer for your viewing. A telescope is a tool that astronomers use to determine Focused light by utilizing bits of curved, transparent glass, known as lenses. So why do Lenses make absolutely smooth? faraway objects. Most telescopes, and most big telescopes, work by using curved mirrors to collect and focus light from the night sky.

{Our brass Pull out Telescope delivers magnification for effortlessly zooming in on your surroundings. It can be used to see the stars, scope out the street, or explore the countryside on a hiking trip. And it comes with a stylish wooden box with an engraving on top.}


Key Features :

  • It is made of Brass All Work is Carefully Handcrafted Wonderful Gift for Collector
  • Good in quality and beautifully designed.
  • Free wooden box for storage.
  • polished beautifully to make them awe-striking.
  • Are made of Brass, Glass, and Wood & are antique


The product is quality check before delivered to the buyers. we use the best quality raw material
in the manufacturing process, and the product passes through the quality check after every stage.


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