Brass & Copper Anchor Oil Lamp Nautical Maritime Ship Lantern Boat Light


  • Material: Brass & CopperMeasures: Approx. 13″ Tall (with handle up) x 7.75″ WideWeighs approx. 3.5 lbs. Fuel: Lamp OilGlass: Clear Fresnel Glass LensSkillfully Hand MadeGreat for Deck & Patio
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 Nautical Ship Lantern | Anchor Oil Lamp| Boat Light

What is a ship lantern?

The ship lantern is a classic handcrafted historical reproduction, that is also fully functional. Made of solid brass, this lantern is truly a beautiful piece. Great for your Home, Patio, Boat, or anywhere a little lighting is needed. Great for emergency storm lighting, these ships’ lanterns work like hurricane lanterns, resisting wind and rain even on the high sea.

Usage of ship lantern:

Ship lanterns can be found in a number of distinctive shapes and sizes but the vast majority of them possess a specific use or purpose. Ship lantern suggests a ship is at anchor instead of moving. Signal lanterns are used for communication through Morse code, however, a couple of lamps are just employed for lighting such as bulkhead or companionway lamps. Most boat lanterns might be oil burning or electric, but many historical ships that were fitted with electricity still transported oil-burning cousins for installation or emergency usage. On account of the fundamentals of the ocean, ships traveling to each other know their Crimson or port lighting has to pass the oncoming ship on the vent which has the reddish light. Gently pass oncoming vessels in a vent to port way. This prevents confusion when the ship’s navigator guides a sharp turn to the side. The green light is used over the medial side and only implies that the ships do not pass starboard to starboard should they approach each other. Another craft will acknowledge the signal with two return blasts. Within a ship, lamps have been mounted on gimbals so that they can pivot and maintain horizontal in rolling seas. The best lamps were created out of aluminum and pewter, however many were made from brass, tin, or tin-plated iron. Whenever these lamps were painted inside their exteriors they remained bare near the flame, the ideal method to reflect their flickering fires into what should have seemed to be an infinite expanse of darkness. This gorgeous marine “Port” lantern is constructed from iron sheet metal using a red fresnel lens. This lamp is completely operational with an oil jar



Beautiful reproduction of anchor lantern made of brass in a shiny polished look. The oil burner is in great working condition and produces clear light through. Solid glass Fresnel type lens. Material: Brass & Lens Finish: Brass


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