300 Spartan Antique Movie Replica Helmet Armor Black Plume Free Knight Adult Costume


MATERIAL –  18 Gauge Steel

COLOR- Antique Brass

Inner Diameter:   Front to back 9  inches

Ear to ear:  8 inches

Height: 15 inches, from top to bottom

Circumference: 26.69 inches

{NOTE: The wooden stand is not included With is Helmet}

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Antique Spartan Helmet| 300 Movie Replica Armor| Black Plume


What is Spartan Helmet?

The real name of what we call “Spartan helmet” is actually “Corinthian helmet“: it is born in the famous Corinth, a prosperous and fearsome city. In ancient times, in fact, there were many types of helmet, but this soon became the most widespread for its total protection of the head


About the Spartan Helmet:

The Greek Helmet was beautiful and that is why Rome itself, in the interesting times of the artists set it around the mind of the Gods, like Athena, goddess of Part of the equipment of hoplites, heavily armed troops whose appearance coincided with the slow adoption of new bronze arms. It was made for maximum protection of the warrior. Power, courage, dedication, and electricity: The spartan helmet has ever evoked all this and is an excellent symbol. In ancient times, in fact, there were lots of types of helmets, but that soon became very prevalent for its entire security of the head.
contraindication? Completely covering the ears makes it hard to hear and from conflict, this could be deadly to most soldiers. The slit of the eyes then, since you can imagine, did not permit a complete view and pressured the infantrymen in the battle to completely rotate the head to look all around. The Spartan helmet is also the Helm of Rome. Few men and women know it, but the exact same helmet which covered the faces of most both Spartan soldiers, protected the noble soldiers of this cryptic Etruscans, lords of all Central Italy before Rome.
Any Republic needed a Greek helmet. This is the way this effective emblem arouses in my head the glory of Rome, together with the potent Latin infantrymen fighting against Hannibal and the enemies of the very majestic city of the Ancient World. Forged in bronze, silver, and golden, the Spartan helmet features a gorgeous shape, but its own materials are also wonderful. The Greeks wore heavy bronze helmets but afterward, we will locate them also in iron, much lighter and more resistant.


Key Features:
  • Based on Historical Authentic Design and Movies
  • This incredible helmet is made of hand-forged steel.
  • This is perfect for adding to your collection, to wear to the next Renaissance Fair, to put on display, or to simply just impress your friends!
  • Handcrafted product
  • Strong construction, and highly durable
  • Fully Wearable and Comfortable


(Since all the helmets are hand made please allow a small difference) This Steal Offer is going to last a couple of days. Our Helmet and armors are accurate ornate based on Historical authentically Design.  Specifications: Material: 18ga steel. Great for Home Decor, collection, or costumes. , Adult standard size. Luxury wood stand and Head Liner Included All Our Products are Based on historically authentic design. Strong construction and highly durable. Perfect for costumes, Live Performance, or home decorations. *100% first impression satisfaction guarantee*

[Note: The wooden stand is not included with this Helmet ]


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