Viking Helmet with chainmail Medieval Knight Battle Armor Costume Helmet


Made from : High quality 18 Gauge High Quality 

Chainmail curtain is made from 16 Gauge Buttted Chainmail

Finish :  Natural Steel Finish

Inner Diameter : Front to back 9  inches

Ear to ear : 8 inches

Height :  13.5 inches, from top to bottom

Circumference  : 26.69 inches

Size : Standard Adult Size (Fits almost all adults)

Can it be used for reenactment ?  : Yes

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300 King Spartan Helmet| Knight Battle Armor| Costume Armor


Every guy has a modest ancient machismo that development has not managed to knock completely from their gene pool nonetheless, and consequently you may be 100% convinced that a Vintage World’s antique-style helmet will probably stay a welcome and one of a kind gift for every man living now. From epic Spartan, Leonidas to vengeful gladiator, Maximus, by Caesar’s Imperial Roman Guards into Arthur’s Knights of Camelot, Vintage World includes a variety of war helmets which spans 2500 decades, starting in Ancient Greece and coming up to the Germany that shot the entire planet to war in the 20th century. The set is unsurpassed in wholesale and retail businesses for both high quality and variety. 300 King Spartan Helmet Finely hand-crafted, the minutest of information hasn’t yet been overlooked when simplifying these hugely popular, attention-grabbing superior bits. The history of humankind’s evolution from simple yet intelligent, kayak crafting sailor into modern rocket design astronaut is littered along with littered with a background of violence, warfare and survival. It was people who fought longest and hardest and with recognized endurance and comparative longevity which forced it through to battle another day. Survival generally does not occur without one’s mind and so helmets and other protective headwear was popular since we learned to control iron and steel. Vikings like most historical warriors wore metal helmets to protect their minds throughout conflict. This 300 King Spartan Helmet includes a series mail or email as it was commonly known to safeguard the shoulders and neck. Mail is an protective iron cloth comprising tens of thousands of iron bands. From the Viking age, mail was constantly made using a 4-in-1 routine, where every ring moves by its four closest neighbors. This magnificent all metallic breeding helmet weighs in at an astonishing 2.4 pound.

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NOTE: 300 King Spartan Helmet High Quality Hand made replica at affordable Price,  Antique, Collectables Crusader Helmet. We supply this helmet pre oiled for protection from rust. Use this helmet as a great Halloween costume.


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